Tips For Terrazzo Floor Cleaning Company in Miami

Terrazzo Cleaning: Daily, Weekly and Yearly Care

Terrazzo floors are work of arts that are durable and versatile. This type of flooring can endure different kinds of weathers and can last a very long time. Homeowners who give their Terrazzo flooring the right kind of maintenance have always had elegant-looking and classy homes. These smart homeowners know that to be able to bring out the real beauty of Terrazzo floors, they have to undergo professional Terrazzo cleaning and polishing on a regular basis.

The Right Terrazzo Floor Maintenance

You will need the following materials when cleaning your Terrazzo floors: a pail of water and mops. You also have to make sure that the water and mop you will be using in cleaning your floors are clean. You don’t want to clean your floor using a dirty mop or water as this will only make them dirtier. Again, while making that sure you have all the cleaning materials ready, you also have to ensure that they are 100% clean.

Terrazzo Cleaning on a Daily Basis

Your Terrazzo floor will get in contact with a lot of dust and dirt on a daily basis. Make sure that you always sweep your floor every single day as this will keep dirt, dust and grime to a minimum. Whenever you see any garbage or solid dirt on the floor, pick them up immediately. Don’t let them linger on the floor. For spills, pet stains or ink blots, wipe them right away with a clean damp cloth. In case of stains that are hard to remove, mix a neutral cleaner with warm water and apply the cleaning solution to the stained spot using a clean damp sponge.

Terrazzo Cleaning on a Weekly Basis

To be able to take off all types of dirt that are on your Terrazzo flooring, you need to get a clean damp cloth and mop the floor with it. Then leave the floor for a few minutes for it to dry off. For spots with too much dust and dirt, apply neutral cleaning solution. The solution will then loosen all the sticky dirt on the Terrazzo flooring. Once the dirt particles are loosened up, start wiping them off with a clean, slightly wet cloth. You have to make sure that the neutral solution does not dry up on the floor.

Terrazzo Resealing on a Yearly Basis

Your Terrazzo floors should be resealed every year, but this special task should be only done by flooring experts like our staff here at Terrazzo Cleaning Miami. Every staff in our team has the necessary expertise to perform resealing projects. Since Terrazzo floor resealing requires special industrial tools and solutions, only experts like us can perform the job accurately.

Also, are you aware that Terrazzo floors need polishing once every 10 years? For areas of the floor where there is heavy foot traffic, polishing should be done earlier than 10 years.

So, for all your Terrazzo cleaning and polishing needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Terrazzo Cleaning Miami experts.