Professional Terrazzo Polishing Miami

An Expert Advice About Terrazzo Polishing

Do you have a dull and lifeless Terrazzo floor because you are too busy so you can’t regularly mop it? Or does your floor have scratches and chips due to heavy foot traffic? Whatever flooring issues you have, we at Terrazzo Cleaning Miami will help you bring your floor back to life! We know the right Terrazzo polishing method. We have flooring specialists and we have the necessary equipment to do just that.

Know the Advantages of Hiring a Floor Care Expert

Terrazzo flooring is made with 2 parts marbles and 1 part Portland cement. Our Terrazzo specialists know the details like this one so they basically understand how certain damages should be approached. Sometimes, polishing can remove scratches and stains on the surface of the Terrazzo floor. This is maybe why some homeowners think that polishing the floor will work like restoration. This is definitely not the case; polishing can only shine the floor and remove any surface scratches, stains and dirt. For more serious problems like chipping, cracks and holes, Terrazzo restoration must be employed.

Also, one important thing that needs consideration is the composition of the Terrazzo. Terrazzo floors inside the house, on hallways or in the garage have different concentration of concrete mixture. This is why it is very important to employ a professional terrazzo polishing service company; they know what should be done for every type of Terrazzo flooring.

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Our expert flooring staff here at Terrazzo Cleaning in Miami can polish the floor for you and restore or fix any damages. So for all your Terrazzo floor problems and needs, dial our numbers now. We can give you a free estimate as well.